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Best Ayurvedic Slimming Treatment in Bangalore

Shathayu’s Slimming program holistically addresses body weight concerns to reduce weight while improving fitness, energy levels, strength, muscle tone, and overall health. We select the most reliable and result-oriented procedures to personalise our programs based on a person’s body type, health conditions, and other factors. Thus, we ensure that our offerings are well thought out, safe, and effective and give long-term weight maintenance benefits.

Ayurvedic Slimming Treatment Packages

Sthoulyahara Chikitsa

25-Day Program
3 days Udvartana | 10 days Detox | 12 days Utsadana

The package includes classical detoxification, powder & paste massages, and diet counseling to lose weight naturally and maintain it with constant monitoring.

Medohara Chikitsa

18-Day Program
3 days Udvartana | 8 days Detox | 7 days Utsaadana

The package includes detox, Udvartana/Utsadana massages, along with diet counseling.

Karshana Chikitsa

11-Day Program
3 days Sadhyo Virechana | 8 days Utsadana

It involves natural and short-period therapies that promote weight loss and toning of the body.


3-Month Program
3 days Udvartana | 10 days Detox | 12 days Utsaadana | 8 days Udvartana/Basti

It involves a combination weight management technique, effective for those who have obesity associated with PCOS or Diabetes

Drudakaya Chikitsa

6-Month Program
2 days Udvartana | 8 days Detox |24 Utsadaana

This package is recommended for those suffering from obesity associated with other complications like diabetes, high cholesterol, and PCOS.

Sthoulya Nirvahana

Annual Program
2 days Udvartana | 8 days Detox | 36 days Utsadaana

It is a yearly weight management program that involves several cycles of a combination of procedures.

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