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Rasyana Chikitsa is the Ayurvedic name for rejuvenation treatment. The word Rasayana combines two separate words, “Rasa” and “Ayana “. The word Rasa means the first liquid tissue that nourishes all the tissues in the body, and Ayana is its circulation. It refers to the process of revitalising the fluid tissues in the body by removing toxins and stimulating vital points across the body.

The toxins, including free radicals produced by the digestion of certain food ingredients, cause the deterioration of tissues and organs. Thus, they accelerate the natural aging process. Rejuvenation treatment removes these harmful substances and nourishes the body’s metabolism.

21-day Rejuvenation Program

Shathayu offers an ayurvedic program to revive the body’s vitality and delay the ageing effects of toxins through various therapies, which include:



Shiro Abhyanga




Janu Basthi

Akshi Sekam

Churna Swedam

Benefits of Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy

  • \Revives all the organs
  • \Re-energizes the mind, body, and soul
  • \Improves blood circulation and immunity
  • \Avoids geriatric diseases
  • \Enhances lifespan
  • \Boosts concentration and memory
  • \Tones up the skin
  • \Exercise & mindfulness alleviate anxiety, depression, & stress

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