• PCOD is a Common hormonal disorder and the leading cause of infertility in women
  • Excess male hormones and insulin resistance result in irregular cycles, weight gain, acne, and hair fall.
  • Overweight and obesity adversely affect Polycystic ovaries
  • Even 10% of weight loss benefits for the regulation of cycles and ovulation
  • Early treatments at Shathayu with regular follow-ups can reverse the symptoms

Shathayu treats PCOD naturally

Shathayu also Treats

Obesity, Infertility, PCOD, Psoriasis, Migraine, Arthritis, Back pain, High cholesterol, Pimples, Hair fall, Anxiety, Sleeplessness, etc.

The results may vary from person to person as there may be uncontrollable factors such as age, genetic variations, predisposed conditions, and environmental factors.


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